IronWood's Trainers

James Kean

No non-sense results. Let's get to the point. Weight-loss is a journey. One of personal growth and development. No one who ever lost weight, and kept it off, was the same person on the other side. 

What sets IronWood Fitness apart from other "gym"? We operate in the realm of reality. Building and coaching sustainable lifestyles. Our environment is full of people just like you, who are looking to lead a healthier lifestyles. This is done through a high level of nutritional coaching and constant feedback on your meals. Additionally, IronWood's clients are held to a high degree of accountability to their goals. Serious results, require serious goals!

Laura Bader

"Trainers" are a dime-a-dozen. IronWood Fitness will COACH you through the process and to the result!