Small Group Personal Training

Your Workout just got Amped UP!

Small Group Personal Training is just that. It’s personal, your goals are your achievements and IronWood Fitness takes them personally. Our Small Group training is highly customizable to ensure that you are getting exactly what YOU want and that YOUR goals are aligned with like minded individuals.

Clients will receive Meal Plans with nutritional support. While IronWood Fitness does not pretend to act as dieticians or nutritionists, our goal is to get you on a path to making better choices. All clients will receive macronutrient (Macro) calculations aligned with their goals and body type. This will break down your Carbs, Fats, and Proteins daily and per meal.

Body Metric Tracking: IronWood Fitness offers a unique feature that follows a client on their fitness journey. Body Metric Tracking is an accountability system that allows clients to see their progress before they see results in the mirror.

***Small Group:

Ready for a more personal experience? Small groups range from 2-8 people with similar abilities and goals. What better way to invest in yourself than with close like minded friends?

12-Week & 8-Week packages available! 

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