Small Group Personal Training

Your Workout just got Amped UP!

Small Group Personal Training 

What if there was a community of support, people just like you who are looking to simply lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. No bikini models, telling you what gimmick that they tried. No one here is looking for a date this week end. Just REAL people, like you!

Did you notice that there are no models on your website? There is a reason for that!

This is one of the many benefits of SGT. 

Small Group Training allows our trainers to work with as an individual while you get the motivation that working out in a group provides. Whether you need a more advanced move or a modification, SGT allow you to train safer and continually progress. Where as in bootcamp style workouts, well..... you're a face in the crowd. 

What better way to invest in yourself than with close like minded friends?

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